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 Minerals Beginning with "R"


JC8172.  Realgar, calcite.  Getchell mine, Adam Peak, Potosi district, Osgood mountains, Humboldt county, Nevada.  6.5 x 7 cm  428g.  $50.00.   Here is a truly unusual specimen from the Getchell mine.  A section of drill core with a vuggy center lined with sharp, euhedral red crystals of realgar on calcite.   I tried getting photos of the vug with partial success.      ON SALE, TAKE 20% OFF THE MARKED PRICE.
JC8172.  A vertical view into the vugs. 
JC8172.  Another vertical shot into the vug.  
JC9017.  Rhodochrosite.  N'Chwaning I mine, Northern Cape province, South Africa.  5.5 x 5.5 cm  137g.  $90.00   Bright pink, sparkly crystals.  A two toned specimen with slightly darker pink on the left side in this view.  
JC9017.   Another view.  
JC8660.  Rhodochrosite.  N'Chwaning II mine, Northern Cape province, South Africa.  5 x 7 cm  123g.  $75.00.   Cotton candy pink bladed crystals.  Scuff mark in center, easily seen in photo.        ON SALE, TAKE 20% OFF THE MARKED PRICE.
JC8660.  Another view.
JC8660.  Close up.  Scuff mark can be seen in center of specimen.  
JC8608.  Rhodochrosite.  N'Chwaning II mine, N'Chwaning mines, Kuruman, Kalahari manganese field, Northern Cape province, South Africa. 7 x 11.5 cm  388g.  $250.00.   Pink, somewhat botryoidal shaped with tiny sparkly crystals making up the botryoids.  From recent finds.   The true color is a darker pink than the photo shows. 
JC8608.  View looking down at steep angle showing the botryoids along the top of the piece. 
JC8608.  Close up view. 
JC8608.  Close up view. 
JC8608.  Back side. 
JC8363.  Rhodochrosite, sphalerite.  Manuelita mine, Morococha district, Yauli province, Junin department, Peru.  9 x 9 cm  608g  $135.00.   A solid plate of zoned rhombohedral rhodochrosite crystals growing on massive sphalerite.   The specimen is a reddish pink, a little more red than the photos would indicate.  
JC8363.  Another view. 
JC8363.  A close up view. 
JC8367.  Rhodochrosite, quartz.  Eniovche mine, Madan ore field, Rhodope mountains, Smolyan Oblast, Bulgaria.  4.3 x 6 cm  123g.  $75.00.   New find.  Bright pink slightly skewed rhombs on sparkly drusy quartz. 
JC8367.  Another view. 
JC8367.  A close up view. 
JC8850.  Rutile.  Champion mine, White mountain peak, White mountains, Mono county, California.  4 x 4 cm  77g.  $3.00.  Partial crystal in matrix.  
JC8757.  Rutile.  Champion mine, Inyo Mountains, Inyo county, California.   3.8 x 5.5 cm.  62g.  $5.00.   A somewhat fractured single crystal with a smaller satellite crystal. 
JC8757.   Another view.