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Minerals Beginning with "C"

JC8837.  Calcite.   Wenshan county, Wenshan autonomous prefecture, Yunnan province, China.   6.5 x 10 cm tall.  229g.  $125.00  A very pretty calcite "wand".  Quite a few of these elegant specimens came out a few years ago.  Not so common now, especially in this quality.    ON HOLD
JC8837.  Another view. 
JC8837.  Another view. 
JC8837.  Another view. 
JC8837.  Another view. 
JC8837.  Another view. 
JC8837.  Another view. 
JC8837.  Another view. 
JC8772.  Calcite.  2nd Sovietsky mine, Dal'Negorsk, Russia.   7 x 10 cm   184g.   $200.00.   A 4 cm crystal, rather flattened, with some side crystals.  Pretty specimen.  
JC8772.  Another view.  
JC8772.  Another view.
JC8772.  Another view.
JC8659.  Calcite (cobaltoan).  Aghbar mine, Aghbar, Bou Azer district, Tazenakht, Ouarzazate province, Souss-Massa-Draa region, Morocco.  10 x 11 cm   580g.  $200.00.   Sawn back.  Super gorgeous bright pink specimen.      ON HOLD
JC8659.  Another view.  
JC8644.  Calcite.  Red Dome mine, Mungana, Mareeba Shire, Queensland, Australia.  6 x 9.5 cm  129g.  $35.00.   Several crystals formed on corroded earlier calcite with limonite.
JC8644.  Another view.  
JC8626.  Calcite.  Dongpo ore field, Yizhang county, Chenzhou prefecture, Hunan province, China.  10.5 cm tall.  60g.  $300.00   A very rare occurrence and one time find.  These surreal, elongated practically glowing, golden yellow crystals were found in 2008, and are unique for China.    ON HOLD
JC8626.  Another view. 
JC8626.  Another view.
JC8626.  Another view.
JC8621.  Calcite.  Ojuela mine, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico.  7 x 9 cm  342g.  $75.00.  This is a beautiful calcite for the Ojuela mine.  The photos do not even come close to representing this piece.  The crystals are nearly transparent flattened rhombohedrons of brilliant luster.  Larger on the top and sides (to 4 cm) and smaller in the center.  The whole thing is scintillating bright.     Much better in person.  
JC8621.  Another view. 
JC8602.  Calcite.  Jalgaon district, Maharashtra, India.  6.5 x 7 cm  221g.  $75.00.   A 4.8 cm modified rhomb.  Mostly transparent.  Minor dings here and there as tiny white spots.  Tungsten light for this shot. 
JC8602.  Another view.  Daylight photo. 
JC8602.  another view.  
JC8479.  Calcite (manganoan).  Pachapaqui, Bolognesi province, Ancash department, Peru.  5 x 10 cm  219g.  $175.00.   Appears to be a scalenohedron subsequently coated with small scalenohedrons like spines on a cactus.  Pale pink in color with somewhat dull luster as is typical with these manganocalcites from Pachapaqui.  Highly fluorescent in a magenta-orange color.    Minor sulfides are also present.   One side looks like a double terminated poorly formed scalenohedron and is obvious in the photos below.  Purchased 4-93; Ex Dan Belsher collection #2117
JC8479.  Another view.  
JC8479.  Another view.  
JC8479.  Another view.  The odd doubly terminated portion is visible in this shot. 
JC8368Calcite (cobaltian).  Aghbar mine, Bou Azzer, Tazenakht, Ourzazate province, Souss-Massa-Draa region, Morocco.  3.3 x 6 cm  111g.  $35.00.  Lilac color, sharp, sparkly, scalenohedral crystals.  Color is more lilac than pink.  Bottom photo is closest to true color. 
JC8368.  Another view. 
JC8184.  Calcite.  Dal'negorsk, Kavalerovo mining district, Primorskiy Kray, Far-Eastern region, Russia.  5.5 x 8.5 cm  147g.  $35.00    A 5 cm crystal with a cleaved termination on end.  
JC8184.  Another view. 
JC8184.  Another view. 
JC8178.  Calcite, fluorite.  Denton mine, Goose creek mine group, Harris Creek sub-district, Illinois-Kentucky Fluorspar district, Hardin county, Illinois.  5.5 x 9 cm    364g.  $125.00.  Large amber calcite crystal with a bit of fluorite attached.  Several minor dings present and can be seen as little white spots on the crystal.      ON SALE, TAKE 20% OFF THE MARKED PRICE.
JC8178.   Another view. 
JC8178.   Another view.  The partial fluorite crystal can be seen on the lower left. 
JC8178.   Another view. 
JC8178.   Another view. 
JC8171.  Calcite.  San Martin mine, San Martin-Sabinas district, San Martin, Mun. de Sombrerete, Zacatecas, Mexico.   4.5 x 6.5 cm  173g.  $120.00.   Pale lavender crystals of calcite on matrix.  The mine is noted for these lightly colored calcites, which are rarely seen for sale.   A fine example.  One crystal on this piece is cleaved. 
JC8171.  Vertical view. 
JC8171.  Side view. 
JC8171.  Close up. 
JC8171.  Close up. 
JC8152.  Calcite.  Tonglushan mine, Daye county, Huangshi prefecture, Hubei province, China.  5.5 x 7 cm  152g.  $250.00.   A 4.5 cm twinned crystal perched on smaller calcites with hematite inclusions.   A sharp twin.     ON HOLD
JC8152.   Another view.
JC8152.   Another view.
JC8152.   Another view.  This view shows the twinning the best. 
JC8026.  Calcite.  Fengjiashan mine (Daye copper mine), Daye county, Huangshi prefecture, Hubei province, China.  6.8 cm wide.  101g.  $150.00.   A beautiful and well crystallized calcite, highly transparent and gemmy.    ON HOLD
JC8026.  Another view. 
JC8026.  Another view. 
JC8026.  Another view. 
JC8023.  Calcite.  Egremont, West Cumberland Iron Field, Cumbria, United Kingdom.   4.5 x 4.5 cm  52g.  $100.00.   A single crystal of a sort of flattened rhomboid supported by smaller crystals.   Ding on the top edge, easily seen in the photos.  
JC8023.  Another view.  
JC7787.  Calcite.  Dongpo ore field, Yizhang county, Chenzhou prefecture, Hunan province, China..  3 x 7 cm  33g.  $150.00.   These odd, elongate,  golden crystals were found in 2008 and appear to be unique, as no others have been found in this region of China since these appeared.   Note that some dealers have these for multiple hundreds of dollars.     ON HOLD
JC7740.   Calcite, quartz.  Freiberg, Erzgebirge, Saxony, Germany.  2.5 x 5.5 cm  41g.  $60.00.  A 4 cm crystal with quartz crystals on the back side.  A very slight hint of violet color to the crystal.  Good sharp crystal, not common on the market these days.  
JC7740.   Reverse side
JC7740.  Another view. 
JC7389.  Calcite (cobaltian).  Aghbar mine, Bou Azzer, Morocco.   9 x 15 cm  902g.  $350.00.   Bright pink, lustrous crystals on a knob of matrix.  There is one area of damage where a couple of crystals were cleaved on the upper left side.  Not obvious when displayed.  Pretty, fairly large cabinet specimen.     ON HOLD
JC7404.   Calcite (cobaltian).  Aghbar mine, Bou Azzer, Tazenakht, Ourzazate province, Souss-Massa-Draa region, Morocco.   6.5 x 9 cm  302g.  $65.00.   Bright pink crystals on a shallow mound.  Sawn back.  Two top views and one side view are shown.  Nice luster.  
JC7404.  Vertical view. 
JC7404.   Side view.  
JC7390.  Calcite (cobaltian).  Mashamba West mine, Zaire (Democratic Republic of the Congo).  6 x 7 cm  282g.  $200.00.   Intense magenta color crystals.  Wow color, slightly darker than the photo would show. 
JC7390.  Close up view
JC7390.  Close up view
JC7390.  Close up view
JC7390.  Close up view
JC7245.  Calcite (cobaltian).  Aghbar mine, Bou Azzer, Tazenakht, Ourzazate province, Souss-Massa-Draa region, Morocco.   6.3 x 7 cm  200g  $200.00  Prismatic crystals of  pink to salmon pink crystals.  Two views are shown.   Nice piece. 
JC7245.  Another view. 
 JC6777.   Calcite (cobaltoan).  Aghbar mine, Bou Azzer, Tazenakht, Ourzazate prov., Souss-Massa-Draa region, Morocco.   5 x 7.5 cm  210g.  $100.00.   Pretty pink, rounded in appearance crystals.  
JC6777.   Another view.  
JC5712.  Calcite (cobaltoan).  Aghbar mine, Bou-Azzer district, Tazenakht Ouarzazate prov., Souss-Massa-Draa region, Morocco.  5 x 8 cm  188g.  $90.00.   A beautiful pink group of crystals.  Two views are shown.  Good luster as can be seen in the photo.  There is some very slight rubbing of the top crystals when turned in the light...very hard to see, but I wanted to mention it.  
JC5712.  View looking down on the specimen
JC8232.  Celestite, sulfur.  Giumentaro mine (Capodarso mine), Capodarso, Enna (Castrogiovanni), Enna province, Sicily, Italy.  6 x 6 cm  139g.  $30.00.   Nice bright, colorless crystals on a massive sulfur/rock matrix.   Ex Mailen-stein , Germany, collection
JC8232.  Another view. 
JC8232.  Side view.  
JC7830.  Celestite.  N'Chwaning II mine, Kuruman, Northern Cape province, South Africa.  2.5 x 3 cm crystal spray.  $30.00
JC8864.  Cerussite.  Tsumeb, Namibia.  3.5 x 4 cm  69g.  $75.00.  Reticulated crystal group.   
JC8764.  Cerussite.  Broken Hill Proprietary mine, Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia.  4 x 5 x 8 cm  269g.  $150.00.  a nice old time group of crystals collected many years ago.   
JC8764.  Another view. 
JC8764.  Another view. 
JC8585.  Cerussite.  Tsumeb, Namibia.  3 x 3.5 cm  54g.  $25.00.  Dings on left edge and backside. 
JC8585.  Another view, showing one of chips taken out on the left top.
JC8585.  Reverse
JC8150.  Cerussite.  Tsumeb mine, Tsumeb, Namibia.  4 x 9 cm  145g.  $50.00.   A vug in decomposed galena is lined with cerussite crystals.  One larger crystal is present on the top left in this photo.   A little different from the usual cerussite crystals perched on various minerals.  
JC8150.  Another view.  
JC8034.  Cerussite on galena.  Tsumeb, Namibia.   3.5 x 5 cm  79g.  $75.00.   Rarely was galena ever found in crystals.  Here are several corroded crystals with small cerussite crystals implanted on them.   
JC8034.  Another view. 
JC8034.  Another view. 
JC8006.  Cerussite, mimetite.   Tsumeb mine, Tsumeb, Namibia.  3.5 x 3.5 cm  58g with stand.  $50.00.   A rounded cerussite crystal has scattered bright yellow mimetite crystals on it. 
JC8006.  Another view. 
JC8006.  Another view. 
JC7854.  Cerussite, malachite.  Brown's prospect, Rum Jungle, nr. Bachelor, Northern Territory, Australia.  7 x 8 cm  322g.  $75.00.   Twinned and untwinned white to light beige crystals heavily coating a malachite matrix. 
JC7854.  Another view.
JC7842.   Cerussite, smithsonite.  Tsumeb mine, Tsumeb, Namibia.  3 x 5 cm  $50.00.   
JC7842.  Another view.
JC7842.  Another view. 
JC7846.   Cerussite.  Zeehan district, Tasmania, Australia.  2 x 3.5 cm  $30.00.    A nice sharp group of crystals. 
JC7846.  Another view. 
JC7846.  Another view. 
JC7846.  Another view. 
JC7765.   Cerussite.  Tsumeb mine, Tsumeb, Namibia.   4.5 x 5.3 cm  140g.  $185.00.   Nice reticulated group.  ON HOLD
JC7765.   Another view. 
JC7736.  Cerussite.  Tsumeb mine, Tsumeb, Namibia.  5 x 6 cm  138g.   $150.00.   Reticulated group.  Side view here, end view from both ends on the below photos.    ON HOLD
JC7736.  One end with the collector's number.
JC7736.   Front end. 
JC7736.  Another view of the front end.  
JC7723.  Cerussite, malachite.  Tsumeb mine, Tsumeb, Namibia.  5 x 7 cm  205g.   $185.00.   Nice sharp cerussite crystals on and embedded in malachite.    ON HOLD
JC7723.  Another view.  
JC7662.  Cerussite.  Tsumeb, Namibia.  3 x 5 cm  120g.  $30.00.  A somewhat incomplete group.  Front and back side is shown. 
JC7662.  Back side. 
JC6930.  Cerussite.  Tsumeb mine, Tsumeb, Namibia.  5 x 6.5 cm  150g.  $50.00     Gray cerussite on black matrix.   Collected mid 1970's. 
JC6940.  Cerussite.  Flux mine, Harshaw dist., nr Patagonia, Santa Cruz county, Arizona.  5 x 7.5 cm  $10.00 Cream color crystals with a very faint yellowish green hue, on a rather friable goethite matrix.  
JC6685.  Cerussite.  Kapi mine, North Dundas, Zeehan district, Tasmania.  5 x 7 cm  92g.  $150.00.   Silky, near solid coating of crystals on matrix.  Cerussite specimens in this size are not often seen on the market from the Kapi mine.   More famous for its yellowish chrome cerussite, this one is fairly light colored. 
JC6685.   Another view
JC6685.   A closer view.
JC6685.  Another close up. 
JC5781.  Cerussite.   Daoping lead-zinc mine, Goncheng county, Guilin prefecture, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, China.   4.5 x 8 cm  143g.   $125.00.   A bright group of crystals exhibiting various forms.  Crystals are glassy and highly translucent.  Lots of sparkle.   They look quite similar to the cerussite that came from the 9 Level, Jersey vein, of the Bunker Hill mine in Idaho around 1982.  
JC5781.  A closer view.  
JC5065.  Cerussite.  Daoping Lead-Zinc mine, Guangxi prov., China.  6 x 8 cm  389g.  $125.00.   A tough one to photograph, as the crystals blend together.  Has reticulated crystals, bladed crystals, and "snowflake" crystals all together.  One of the brighter, prettier cerussites I've seen from here.  Two views are shown to try to get an idea of the myriad crystals composing this specimen.  Reminds me of the old 9 level cerussites from the Bunker Hill mine that came out in the 1980's.   This one will be mailed packed in soap powder due to its fragility.  
JC5065.  Another view.
JC4586.  Cerussite, malachite.  Rum Jungle, Northern Territory, Australia.  4 x7 cm  64g.  $50.00.  White/beige crystals on malachite.    ON SALE, TAKE 20% OFF THE MARKED PRICE.
JC4586.  Close up. 
JC2748.    Chabazite-Ca.  North Table mountain, Golden, Golden district, Jefferson county, Colorado.  3.8 x 5cm  99g.  $12.00.   Nice little specimen from this locality.      ON SALE, TAKE 20% OFF THE MARKED PRICE.  ON HOLD
JC9070.  Grape agate/grape chalcedony?  Manakarra beach?, West Sulawesi, Indonesia.   7 x 9 cm  137g.  $125.00.   There was quite a bit of this stuff scattered around the show.  The only definitive location is Sulawesi...I have not seen an exact verified location as yet.  Manakarra beach is consistant amongst several dealers, so for now I'm going with that.  The poorer quality material is off color, with the better stuff a nice lavender/amethyst color.  The poorer material does not have any luster, whereas the better material has a nice shine off of minute, microscopic, quartz? that makes up the chalcedony.  Prices are all over the place, and surprisingly high considering the abundance of material.   I picked up two, with nice luster and color of intermediate quality.  The better (and very expensive) material have no broken botryoids on them.  These two have some broken botryoids...not sure if I would call it damage or not, just where other botryoids were attached.  
JC9070.   Reverse.  
JC8656.  Chalcopyrite, sphalerite.  Animon mine, Huaron mining district, Huayllay district, Pasco prov., Pasco dept., Peru. 5 x 8.5 cm  151g.  $90.00.  Once common, these bright chalcopyrite crystals embedded in brilliant black sphalerite for contrast are increasingly hard to come by.   Purchased from Dan Belsher (Worldwide Resources) in April 1990.  Ex Crowley collection #918
JC8656.  Another view.
JC8656.  Side view. 
JC7896.   Chalcopyrite, quartz. Yaogangxian Mine, Yaogangxian W-Sn ore field, Yizhang Co., Chenzhou Prefecture, Hunan Province, China.    Daylight shot.  5 x 7.5 cm  45g.  $100.00   A 1.5 cm crystal with iridescent tarnish perched on quartz crystals. 
JC7896.  Another view.   Tungsten light
JC7896.  Another view.  Daylight shot. 
JC7241.  Chalcopyrite, siderite    Kaiwu mine, Hezhang county, Bijie prefecture, Guizhou province, China.  8.5 x 11.5 cm  804g.  $200.00.    A largish plate of bright golden chalcopyrite and numerous siderite blades mixed in.   Pretty much free of damage, although a few minor dings here and there.   Better in person.
JC7241.  Close up of upper right.
JC7241.  Close up of lower center.
JC7241.  Another general view of the specimen.  
JC7663.  Chlorargyrite.   Broken Hill mine, Broken Hill, Yancowinna Co., New South Wales, Australia.  3 x 5.5 cm  44g.  $60.00.  The chlorargyrite shows as the white patch at the top of the specimen.  Pretty much anhedral crystals.  
JC8604.  Cinnabar, quartz.  New Almaden mine, Almaden Quicksilver county park, New Almaden, New Almaden district, Santa Cruz mountains, Santa Clara county, California.  6 x 8.5 cm  214g.  $200.00  Rarely ever are cinnabar specimens available from this long closed locality.  This is an unusually good piece with acicular crystals running in a vein along the lower front of the piece.  The cinnabar crystals are mostly coated with a thin layer of micro-crystalline quartz.   A fine specimen for this locality.   
JC8604.  Another view, shot with tungsten light. 
JC7158.   Cinnabar, Almaden mine, Ciudad Real, Spain.  6 x 7 cm  116g.  $35.00.  A solid mass of bright red cinnabar.  A little sparkly drusy quartz on the front for sparkle.  
JC7160.  Cinnabar, Almaden mine, Ciudad Real, Spain.  4 x 7.5 cm  113g.  $30.00.    A solid mass of cinnabar with a bit of unknown black mineral.  
JC6247.   Clinachlore? and diopsideIron Mask (Spring Gulch, Valley View) mine, Quartzite (White Rock) canyon, Spring Mountain district, nr. Big Windy Peak, Lemhi county, Idaho.  3 x 6 cm  63g.  $5.00  Subhedral diopside with dark green clinachlore and an unknown pseudomorph on the bottom near the clinachlore. 
JC8596.  Colemanite, Nobleite.  Corkscrew mine, Furnace Creek district, near Ryan, Death Valley, Inyo county, California.   5 x 8.5 cm  242g.  $75.00.   This colemanite specimen is from the old Corkscrew mine, located inside Death Valley National Park.  It is made up of intergrown, somewhat sparkly, colorless spherical aggregates of colemanite crystals.  There are white blebs of what appears to be Nobleite (as stated on the old label).  Found in the 1980's and collecting is now forbidden at this old locality.  Fluorescent yellowish in UV light.  
JC8596.  Another view.  
JC9042.  Conichalcite.  Gold Hill mine, Gold Hill, Gold Hill district, Deep Creek mountains, Tooele county, Utah.  5 x 7.5 cm  155g.  $60.00.   Sparkling, bright green coating on matrix.  Nice color.  
JC9042.  Another view.  
JC8858.  Copper.  Rio Tinto (Mountain City) copper mine, Mountain City district, Elko county, Nevada.  3.5 x 5.5 cm  39g.  $35.00.  Most interesting however, are the narrow, exaggeratedly elongated crystals that almost look like wires. Unlike silver, copper does not usually form wires (and again, these look like hyper-elongated crystals, not wires) but to see any copper with that appearance is highly unusual
JC8631.  Copper, datolite.  Keweenaw peninsula, Michigan.  5 x 7 x 9 cm  506g.  $150.00.   A heavy specimen with poorly formed copper crystals and anhedral copper interspersed through the datolite.  Judging by the weight, if the datolite were removed the piece would show far more copper than this photo.  
JC8631.  Another view.
JC8631.  Another view.
JC7680.  Copper.  Levant mine, Trewellard, St. Just, St. Just district, Cornwall, United Kingdom.  6 x 10 cm    220g   $175.00.  Copper leaf crystals on calcite.  Rare old timer. 
JC7680.  Close up view.
JC8017.    Copper, cuprite.  Chino mine, Santa Rita, Santa Rita district, Grant county, New Mexico.  9 x 12 cm  355g.  $75.00.  Nice sized specimen of native copper.  Obviously formed in a breccia zone that had enough room to form the copper.   Front and back sides are shown.  
JC8017.   Back side. 
JC8010.  Copper.  Itauz mine, Zhilandy group, Karagandy province, Kazakhstan.  3.5 x 5 cm  6g.  $180.00.  Nice, distinct crystals with esthetic appearance.       ON SALE, TAKE 20% OFF THE MARKED PRICE.
JC7661.  Copper, calcite.    Onganja, Seeis, Windhoek District, Namibia.   2.7 x 5.6 cm tall.   39g.  $125.00.   Nice group of copper crystals on calcite.  On the back side of the specimen is a calcite cleavage fragment that has cuprite inclusions, showing up as the red "crystal" on the upper left of this photo.       ON SALE, TAKE 20% OFF THE MARKED PRICE.
JC7661.  Another view.
JC7661.  A side view. 
JC8041.  Coquimbite.  Javier mine, Huachuas, Lucanas province, Ayacucho dept., Peru.  3.5 x 3.5 cm  14g.  $25.00.   Nice lavender crystal.       ON SALE, TAKE 20% OFF THE MARKED PRICE.
JC8041.  A closer look. 
JC8027.  Coquimbite.  Javier mine, Huachuas, Lucanas province, Ayacucho dept., Peru.  4 x 5 cm  61g.  $40.00.   A nicely crystallized example of this water soluble mineral.  (Don't try to clean it in water!).    Pretty lilac color.  Has a little of what appears to be iron staining on it.       ON SALE, TAKE 20% OFF THE MARKED PRICE.
JC8027.  Another view.
JC8027.  Another view.
JC5691.  Cornetite, malachite.  Star of Congo mine, Lubumbashi, Katanga, Democratic Republic of the Congo.  6.5 x 11.5 cm   358g.  $225.00.   A superb example of this rare mineral.  Blue microcrystals of sparkly cornetite, with little sprays of green malachite spread on a chrysocolla matrix.  Lots of sparkle.   ON HOLD
JC5691.  A close up.  
JC8844.   Creedite.  Hall molybdenum mine, San Antone district, San Antonio mountains, Nye county, Nevada.  3 x 5 cm  53g.  $15.00.  A couple of sprigs of pale lilac colored creedite.   Location has been closed for several years, and no more specimens have been forthcoming.  
JC8844.  Another view. 
JC8844.  Another view.
JC7033.  Creedite.  Qinlong (Dachang), Qinglong county, Guizhou province, China.  5 x 7 cm  109g.  $100.00.    Nice grouping of colorless to white crystals.  This locality appears to be already depleted.  None have been on the market recently.      ON SALE, TAKE 20% OFF THE MARKED PRICE.
JC7033.  Another view. 
JC7033.   Close up view of the top crystals. 
JC7034.    Creedite.  Qinlong (Dachang), Qinglong county, Guizhou province, China.  7 x 9 cm  137g.  $80.00    A larger plate with several radiating clusters of colorless to white creedite crystals.      ON SALE, TAKE 20% OFF THE MARKED PRICE.
JC7034.  An oblique view of the piece. 
JC7034.  Close up of some of the creedite clusters. 
JC7034.  Close up view of some of the sprays of crystals and the large crystal on the upper right. 
JC7643.   Crocoite.  Adelaide mine, Zeehan district, nr. Dundas, Tasmania, Australia.  A 6 cm hollow crystal, with a termination on one end.  $125.00.    ON SALE, TAKE 20% OFF THE MARKED PRICE.  
JC7643.  Oblique view.   The hollow part of the crystal can be seen in the foreground, and the backside of the hollow part has a termination more easily seen in the photo below.  
JC7643.   End view showing the termination. 
JC7549.  Crocoite.  Adelaide mine, Zeehan district, Dundas, Tasmania, Australia.   3.5 x 5.5 cm  21g.  $40.00.   Crocoite with a partial coating of gibbsite.  What is interesting is the dozens of tiny crocoite crystals sticking vertically out of the larger crystals like spines on a cactus.   
JC6295.  Crocoite.  Callenberg, Glauchau, Saxony, Germany.   4 x 7 cm  148g.   $50.00.   Two areas of orange crystals from this defunct locality.   One area shown in this photo.  Also crystals on one end as seen in the lower photo.     ON SALE, TAKE 20% OFF THE MARKED PRICE.
JC6295.  Crystals on one end of the specimen. 
JC7343.  Crocoite (on dundasite?).  West Comet mine, Dundas, Tasmania.  6 x 11 cm  139g.  $65.00.  Dozens of terminated, satin luster, orange crocoite on what the label said is dundasite, but this is not verified.  Collected in the 1970's.       ON SALE, TAKE 20% OFF THE MARKED PRICE.
JC7343.  Close up.
JC6310.  Crocoite.  Callenberg, Glauchau, Saxony, Germany.  3.5 x 10 cm  371g.  $125.00    Micro to 4mm crystals coating iron oxide matrix.  Nice size cabinet piece from this rare locality.      ON SALE, TAKE 20% OFF THE MARKED PRICE.
JC6311.   Crocoite.  Callenberg, Glauchau, Saxony, Germany.  3 x 6.5 cm  57g.  $80.00.   Face covered with about 3mm crystals.      ON SALE, TAKE 20% OFF THE MARKED PRICE.
JC9062.  Cuprite.   Milpillas mine, Santa Cruz, Sonora, Mexico.   7 x 10 cm  285g.  $175.00.   Somewhat flattened, brilliant crystals, with red color (as seen) in daylight, brilliant silvery reflectance in reflected light.    Some rubbing in center area, as can be seen better in the lowest photo.  
JC9062.  Another view.  
JC9062.  Closer view.  The rubbed area can be seen in the center area of the specimen.  
JC9064.  Cuprite.   Milpillas mine, Santa Cruz, Sonora, Mexico.  7 x 12 cm  176g.  $85.00.   Brilliant cubic and modified cubic crystals.  Specimen has been shaped by a saw on the side, bottom and top.   Pretty, with lots of sparkle.  
JC9064.  Slightly different angle. 
JC9064.  Closer view.