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Minerals Beginning with   "D"

JC8536.   Danburite.  Aurora mine, Charcas, Mun. de Charcas, San Luis Potosi, Mexico.  7.5 x 9 cm tall.  252g.  $250.00   Pale pink, with a bruise on the lower front.  Displays well.           ON SALE, TAKE 40% OFF THE MARKED PRICE.
JC8536.  Another view.  
JC8853.   Datolite.  Dal'negorsk, Kavalerovo mining district, Primorskiy Kray, Far-Eastern region, Russia.   3.5 x 3.5 cm  39g.  $40.00.  A 2.2 cm crystal on matrix.      ON SALE, TAKE 40% OFF THE MARKED PRICE.
JC8853.  Another view.  
JC6695.  Demantoid.  Benitoite Gem mine area, San Benito county, California.   3.5 x 7 cm  70g.  $160.00.   Sawn back.  One of the better pieces of these I've seen in a while.  Crystals up to 6mm.   The crystals are hard to get a true color shot of.  They are a lime green with a hint of yellow/olive to them.  The color here is fairly close, although not exact. 
JC11520.  Descloizite.  Berg Aukas mine, Grootfontein, Otjozondjupa region, Namibia.  5 x 7.5 x 8.5 cm   318g.   $295.00   Lustrous, dark reddish brown bladed crystals.   Ex Crowley Collection #: JAC 795.    A few broken crystals as can be seen in the photos.  
JC11520.   Another view. 
JC11520.   Another view.
JC11520.   Another view.
JC10660.  Descloizite.  Berg Aukas mine, Grootfontein, Otjozondjupa region, Namibia.  Slightly iridescent black, bladed crystals.   8 x 10 cm  266g.  $250.00.   Slightly iridescent black bladed crystals coating matrix.   
JC10660.  Closer view. 
JC10660.  Closer view yet. The iridescence can be seen on these crystals. 
JC10397.  Descloizite   Berg Aukas Mine (Berg Aukus Mine), Grootfontein, Otjozondjupa Region, Namibia.  5 x 9 cm    123g.  $70.00.   Classic specimen from Berg Aukas.  Bladed, near black to brown bladed crystals make up the piece.  There are 3 broken crystals, visible in this photo as light areas near the center top area of the piece.   Otherwise in good shape.  
JC10397.   Closer view.  
JC10213.  Descloizite.  Preguiça Mine, Sobral da Adiça, Moura, Beja, Portugal.  3 x 7.5 cm  64g  $15.00.   Partial coating of near black micro crystals. 
JC10213.  Close up view.  
JC9737.  Descloizite.  Preguica mine, Sobral de Adica, Mora, Beja district, Portugal.  3 x 5 cm  16g.  $10.00.  
JC9047.  Diopside, melanite.  Serpentine Dome, New Idria district, San Benito county, California.  11 x 19 cm  >1000g.  $50.00.   30 or so years ago, these were typical of the diopside rich zones of melanite in this area.  This old timer generates from that time period, and may date back to the 1960's.   White/cream bladed diopside heavily coats the matrix, with myriads of tiny, sparkly melanite crystals interspersed throughout.   Rare to see these anymore.  
JC9047.  Closer view of left side.  
JC9047.  Closer view of right side.  Lots of sparkle as tiny white spots on the melanite crystals. 
JC9047. Real close view of area on left side. 
JC11672.  Dioptase.  Kaokoveld plateau, Kunene region, Namibia.   5 x 7.5 cm  94g.  $295.00.   Most likely from the Omaue mine.  Typical dioptase color, with good luster.  Stacked crystals for a nice arrangement.  On one side is a sort of "sun burst" arrangement of crystals.  I tried to catch that in the photo below, but it doesn't show really well in the photo.  
JC11672.   Side view.  
JC11672.  Close up of the sort of "sun burst" arrangement of crystals.  
JC11389.  Dioptase  N'tola mine, Mindouli, Mindouli district, Pool department, Republic of the Congo.   4 x 5 cm  48g  $35.00.   Small crystals coating face of matrix.  From the recent finds at the N'tola.    
JC11389.   Closer view. 
JC10863.   Dioptase, duftite?  N'tola mine, Mindouli, Mindouli district, Pool department, Republic of the Congo.   4.5 x 8 cm  151g. $125.00    Brilliant dioptase green crystals with what appears to be a slight dusting of duftite in one area.     Sawn base.
JC10863.  Closer view. 
JC10863.   Close up view.  
JC10650.  Dioptase, Kaokoveld plateau, Kunene region, Namibia.   3 x 5 cm   34g.  $95.00.   Cute miniature.  Difficult to photograph as the crystals tend to blend into each other in the photos.   Crystals are bright, rather gemmy, with that classic dioptase color.  
JC10650.   Another view. 
JC10650.  Another view. 
JC10637.  Dioptase.   Ntola mine, Mindouli, Mindouli district, Pool department, Republic of the Congo.   4 x 4.8 cm   68g.  $98.00.  Nice miniature.  Brilliant luster crystals from the recent find.  Small gob of poorly formed calcite on the bottom edge.  
JC10637.  Same view without the centimeter ruler.  
JC10548.  Dioptase.  Tsumeb mine, Tsumeb, Namibia.   4.3 x 8 cm  87g  $195. 00    Small, brilliant, gemmy, dioptase crystals on what appears to be dolomite.  Lots of sparkle.   Sawn back.  
JC10548.   Close up.  
JC9320.  Dioptase.  Tsumeb mine, Tsumeb, Namibia.   5 x 9.5 cm   190g.  $300.00.   Approximately 1mm or so crystals heavily coating matrix.  Nice bright luster with the classic Tsumeb greenish blue/bluish green color that is so hard to photograph.   
JC9320.  Another view.  
JC9320.  Another, closer view.
JC9320.  Another, closer view.
JC8771.  Dioptase.  Altyn Tyube, Karagandy Province, Kazakhstan.  7 x 8 cm  481g.  $75.00.   As seen .   Two views.            ON SALE, TAKE 40% OFF THE MARKED PRICE.
JC8771.  Another view.  
JC8469.  Dioptase.  Reneville, Kindanba district, Pool department, Republic of Congo.  5 x 7 cm  $275.00   Largest crystal is 1.6 cm, most are about 8mm in size.  Collected in the 1960's.   No damage.  Nice piece.   
JC7771.   Dioptase.  Altyn-Tyube deposit, Kirghiz Steppes, Karagandy Province, Kazakhstan.  5.5 x 6.5 cm  98g.  $150.00.   Nice sharp crystals in an etched calcite matrix.  Most commonly the dioptase crystals from here are buried in calcite and the calcite has to be etched away to reveal the dioptase crystals, as in this specimen.             ON SALE, TAKE 40% OFF THE MARKED PRICE
JC10651.  Dolomite, dioptase.  Tsumeb mine, Tsumeb, Namibia.  4.5 x 6.5 cm  160g.  $18.00.   Well defined white dolomite crystals in a shallow vug, with a small sprinkling of dioptase crystals in the upper right part of the piece. 
JC10651.  Closer view.  
JC8350.  Dolomite (cobaltian).  Katanga (Shaba), Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaire).  4.5 x 6 cm  152g.  $50.00.   Pretty pink rhombs of this uncommon variety of dolomite. 
JC8350.  Another view. 
JC8350.  Close up view. 
JC8350.  Close up view.