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9-22-11   The Paypal logo on the bottom of the New Arrivals and General Stock Pages is not working.  I'm working on it.  In order to make payment try:    when you go to Paypal. 

September 1, 2015.   New Arrivals Page 4  has  been updated with a mix of specimens from around the world.   I also added more sale specimens to the sale pages (General Stock Page 22 and 23).   These start at 30% off.  Most of the others have been reduced an additional 5%.   Most of the Petersen mountain quartz specimens on General Stock Page 20 have been reduced from $5 to $100 each.   

August 1, 2015.    New Arrivals Page 3  has  been updated with a selection of mixed minerals from around the world.  A little of everything in this update. 

June 27, 2015 New Arrivals Page 2  has been updated with a suite of specimens from around the world.  These are mostly miniatures and thumbnail specimens in this update.   

July 16, 2015 New Arrivals Page 1  has  been updated with a suite of mostly amethyst specimens from Petersen mountain .  Some very nice specimens here.  



June11, 2015 General Stock Pages 22 and 23 (Sale pages 22 & 23)  have been updated by reducing all prices an additional 5%, and a small lot of California scheelite specimens have been added to Sale Page 23 at 30% off to start.   







In this update I added a lot of inexpensive pieces, from thumbnail to small cabinet sizes that I obtained from some old collections; specimens which were originally purchased from 1950 to the 1970's.  I have tried to price them fairly low so as to clear out some badly needed space in my storeroom.  









February 26, 2014.   General Stock Page 24  has  been updated with a series of photos of minerals from the Tucson Main show at the convention center.  I took photos of some of the exhibits as well as specimens on sale by various dealers.  Fun to look at.  Take a look and enjoy the photos of specimens most of us will never be able to afford. 









March 11, 2013.    This update is  a mix of specimens from thumbnail to cabinet sizes from around the world.  Featured is a suite of Phillipsite specimens from the Olinghouse mine in Nevada.  These are good sized crystals, rarely seen this large.   This is the 1st of planned two post Tucson show updates.   I took about 60 pictures of better quality specimens offered for sale by various dealers at Tucson, as well as a few of the specimens on display.  A little heavy on pyromorphite pictures (my favorite mineral), also included are some outstanding other minerals at the show.  Some are VERY nice an epidote from Pakistan that was one of the best I've ever seen.  I put these photos on General Stock Page 24, as I figured that was as good a place as any, and I haven't expanded with "for sale" specimens to that page yet.  Take a look, as I think you will really enjoy looking at these photos.   Very pretty stuff.  

February 26, 2012.    General Stock Page 20 has on it  a selection of the best quartz sprays on calcite specimens from a new find near Reno, Nevada, in the Virginia Range mountains.  These are unique in my experience, as I have never seen anything quite like these before.  They are somewhat dull to satiny luster calcite, mostly as scalenohedra, some as more rhombic in form.  Scattered on and around these calcite crystals are brilliant, diamond like, small quartz crystals in what I call "starburst" groups and sprays, where the quartz radiates out from a central crystallization point.  Sometimes the quartz is stubby, and sometimes more elongate.  Many of them are sceptered.  They sparkle beautifully and present well.  All are pretty specimens.  No one else has these, and they are exclusive to my site. 

The geology appears to be a small hot spring occurrence, long since extinct, where the surrounding volcanics, typical of the Virginia Range, have been eroded away, exposing this little deposit.  The country rock is a diorite, and it has scattered veins of vuggy calcite cutting through it.  The calcite vugs in the veins have these pretty little quartz crystals on them.    Specimens nearer to what appears to be the hot spring vent have the least developed calcite crystals, while the specimens a little more distant from the vent have the sharpest calcite crystals.  This is a limited occurrence, one time find.  

   November 8, 2011 We have adjusted the site to contain more pages under General Stock.  There are now 23 General Stock Pages.   There are New Arrivals Pages 1, 2, 3, & 4, which are the same.    In General Stock there is General Stock page 1, "A thru Ay", General Stock page 2 is "Azurite", General Stock page 3 is "B", General Stock page 4 is "C", General Stock page 5 is "D", General Stock page 6 is "E", General Stock page 7 is "F and G", General Stock Page 8 is "H, I, J, K", General Stock page 9 is "L and M", General Stock page 10 is "N and O", General Stock page 11 is "P through Py", General Stock page 12 is "Pyromorphite", General Stock page 13 is "Q", General Stock page 14 is "R", General Stock page 15 is "S", General Stock page 16 is "T", General Stock page 17 is "U and V", General Stock page 18 is "W", General Stock page 19 is "X, Y, and Z", General Stock page 20 is the "Nevada" page, General Stock page 21 is "Thumbnail" size specimens, General Stock Page 22 is the first "Sale Page", General Stock page 23 is the 2nd "Sale Page".  General Stock page 24 is blank for now. 






 Ludwigite:  The site has been updated with a suite of ludwigite crystal specimens from Idaho.  These are the best in the world, with clean, sharp black crystals present, rather than the usual sprays and radiating masses of indistinct crystals found elsewhere in the world.  One of the crystals is an incredible 8 cm long!   I X-rayed several pieces to verify their identity and the CPDS Standard Card and my x-ray diffraction charts are shown below.  These can be seen on General Stock Page 4 and the Sale Page, General Stock Page 12.  

These ludwigites are frequently altered to an unknown Mn-Fe-B hydroxide (Lanny Ream, verbal communication).  Where this alteration has occurred, the ludwigite prisms are rather etched looking, although still retaining a good bit of luster.  Many of the specimens are unaltered, sharp, bright, black prisms in calcite.  Magnetite is a frequent associate of these specimens, with, occasionally, small black spinels a mm or two across.   


August 14, 2008  

I read the issue of the Mineralogical Record and noted in the letters to the editor one of the complaints mail order specimen receivers have is that they have to pay for both the postage to receive the specimen, and the postage to return the specimen if they do not care for it.  So I decided on a trial basis to pay for the return postage on any specimens you receive from me that you do not care for.  I'll just send a check for the postage amount, or give a credit on the next purchase, whichever is preferred.  This is only for specimens where you have paid the postage to receive the specimen. 

In addition I have added additional pages to the site.  There are New Arrivals Pages 1, 2, 3, & 4.  In General Stock there is General Stock page 1, all minerals starting with A.  General Stock Page 2, all minerals starting with B.  General Stock Page 3, all minerals starting with C, D, and E.  General Stock page 4, all minerals starting with F, G, H, I, J, K, & L.  General Stock page 5, all minerals starting with M, N, & O.  General Stock page 6, all Nevada minerals.  General Stock page 7, all minerals starting with P.  General Stock page 8, all minerals starting with Q, R.  General Stock page 9, all minerals starting with S, T, & U.  General Stock page 10, all minerals starting with V, W, X, Y, & Z.  General stock page 11 is for thumbnail mineralsGeneral Stock page 12 is the SALE PAGE, where minerals are offered at discounts of from 30% to 80% off...these are usually specimens that have been on the site for awhile.  

December 26, 2002  I purchased two collections of specimens mostly purchased in the 1950's through early 1970's.  Mostly inexpensive pieces, I will be adding them to the site a few on each update.  These are heavy in U.S. and Mexico localities. 

March 20, 2002  I have made General Stock page 6 into an all Nevada page, as I keep finding neat specimens in my collecting expeditions around this great mineral collecting state.  

December 2000
  We are a mineral dealership located in Reno, Nevada.  We are ardent field collectors and have been dealing in and collecting minerals for many years.   You can see us in person every year at the following shows:   San Francisco show in August;  and Denver, Colorado in September.

I have been a mineral collector since I was taken underground at the Clayton Silver mine in Idaho at the ripe old age of 9, by my grandfather, who worked there as a foreman.  My first look at the mine's working  face of solid sparkling galena had me hooked on minerals from that moment on.  Since then I went on to get my Masters' degree in Geology with a focus on economics and mineralogy.    My favorite mineral is pyromorphite.  I'm always on the lookout for pyromorphite specimens.  I am particularly interested in Canadian specimens.

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