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9-22-15   The Paypal logo on the bottom of the New Arrivals and General Stock Pages is not working.  I'm working on it.  In order to make payment try:    when you go to Paypal.  Also, the search function is not working and so far I haven't figured out how to make it work.  pages are alphabetical...see below.  

May 9, 9022  New Arrivals Page 3 has been updated with a suite of mixed worldwide specimens.   

May 1, 2022.    New Arrivals Page 2   has  been updated with a suite of mixed specimens from across the world.    Several higher end pieces in this update.  Also some quite rare locality pieces, such as Cinnabar from Ukraine, Axinite from Russia, Bertrandite from Kara-Oba. 

March 16, 2022.    New Arrivals Page 4 has been updated with a suite of mixed specimens from around the world.  Some colorful specimens in this one.   There are several somewhat higher end pieces (as in more expensive) in this update.   From thumbnail to cabinet sizes.  

February 28, 2022.    New Arrivals Page 1 has been updated with a suite of magnetite specimens from the Bruce Estate Copper mine (prospect), from Lemhi county, Idaho, and ludwigite specimens from the same general area, these are the best of species.  

There have been a few references to these, with references to them as being from the Sims iron mine, or the Iron Mask mine, or just Spring Mountain district.  The correct locality for these is the Bruce Estate mine/prospect.  The mine is on the south wall of a large east west canyon. It hangs right on the edge of the canyon, with a near vertical wall.  Some copper staining is what caused the initial interest in the mine, but there was insufficient copper to make it commercial.  The mine is a magnetite skarn, with minor ludwigite, possible forsterite, usually amorphous to subhedral, and what appears on some specimens to be epitaxial little black spinels.  Most of the ludwigite is highly altered and generally rather ugly.   All the specimens collected had calcite filled cavities and had to be etched out to show the magnetite crystals.  The magnetite is in octahedrons and highly modified octahedrons...some appear to be almost dodecahedral.  Luster varies from satiny to glassy metallic in a few pieces.   Most crystals show a slight pitted look, although when turned in the light have a satiny to bright satiny luster.    An unusual and rarely seen location for specimens.   I put these on the top of the same page as the ludwigites, as they are from the same Spring Mountain district.  


February 1, 2022.    New Arrivals Page 1 has been updated with a suite of ludwigite specimens from a new find in Idaho.   Not generally thought of as a glamorous mineral, (Mg2Fe3+(BO3)O2),  this rather rare mineral is usually found in contact metamorphic deposits.  In the past it has been found as semi-massive to somewhat feathery looking material without sharp, distinct crystals; these are easily the best of species for this particular mineral.   The area, the Spring Canyon district, has yielded specimens before, when I first collected the area in early 2000.  These specimens are from the same general area, but different in that for the most part they are not oxidized with the red brown to yellowish, odd oxide that coated previous pieces.  These are mostly distinct prisms, pure black in color, with bright to dull luster.   The luster varies by crystal size.  Small crystals are usually bright and shiny, while larger crystals in the several centimeter sizes tend towards a duller jet black.   Some of the crystals are actually terminated.  No other location in the world has yielded terminated crystals.  The terminations are flat, sometimes with little offsets on them.  These specimens are easily the best ludwigite specimens ever found.    Tom Moore in his latest "whats new in minerals" column from the Mineralogical Record, has pictured one of the more inferior specimens from this find.  The ones posted in this update are much better. 






We have adjusted the site to contain more pages under General Stock.  There are now 25 General Stock Pages.   There are New Arrivals Pages 1, 2, 3, & 4, which are the same.    In General Stock there is General Stock page 1, "A thru Ay", General Stock page 2 is "Azurite", General Stock page 3 is "B", General Stock page 4 is "C", General Stock page 5 is "D", General Stock page 6 is "E", General Stock page 7 is "F and G", General Stock Page 8 is "H, I, J, K", General Stock page 9 is "L and M", General Stock page 10 is "N and O", General Stock page 11 is "P through Py", General Stock page 12 is "Pyromorphite", General Stock page 13 is "Q", General Stock page 14 is "R", General Stock page 15 is "S", General Stock page 16 is "T", General Stock page 17 is "U and V", General Stock page 18 is "W", General Stock page 19 is "X, Y, and Z", General Stock page 20 is the "Nevada" page, General Stock page 21 is "Thumbnail" size specimens at 40% off original price, General Stock Page 22 is the first "Sale Page", General Stock page 23 is the 2nd "Sale Page".  General Stock page 24 is the 3rd "Sale Page".   General Stock Page 25 is now dedicated  to specimens over $300.     General Stock Page 26 is a bit of a misnomer.  I'm reserving it for photos from my collection, photos of interesting field trips and finds, and the like.   More of an information/fun page.   

December 2000
  We are a mineral dealership located in Reno, Nevada.  We are ardent field collectors and have been dealing in and collecting minerals for many years.   You can see us in person every year at the following shows:   San Francisco show in August and the Tucson show in February. 

I have been a mineral collector since I was taken underground at the Clayton Silver mine in Idaho at the ripe old age of 9, by my grandfather, who worked there as a foreman.  My first look at the mine's working  face of solid sparkling galena had me hooked on minerals from that moment on.  Since then I went on to get my Masters' degree in Geology with a focus on economics and mineralogy.    My favorite mineral is pyromorphite.  I'm always on the lookout for pyromorphite specimens.  I am particularly interested in Canadian specimens.

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